affordable web hosting solutions

osric.net provides web hosting to select projects for as little as $25/year.

If you have an interesting project that needs to be on the web, from rigorous scientific research to an artist's gallery to quirky games to off-beat humor, write to chris@osric.com and describe your project. Although our prices & support are unparalleled, we prefer to be discerning in the company we keep.

We offer SFTP access for users who are comfortable creating their own web pages, and we offer the easy-to-use WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and Blog for users who want a simpler way to post content to the web.

We are happy to provide a custom subdomain, e.g. projectname.osric.net, for your web site, or we can assist you with registering your own domain name. Domain names are very inexpensive (less than $15 per year), although finding the best name for your project can be tough these days. Dont-believe-the-hyphen.com!


Osric Publishing, a small publisher of literary journals and chapbooks originally based in Ann Arbor, Mich., expanded into web publishing in 1996. In 1998, it set up its own web server -- that's 22 years of web hosting experience -- and soon began offering server space to select colleagues who needed websites. As Osric Publishing started hosting more and more web sites, osric.net was spun off as a separate entity.